SpinTires How to Use the Winch and Get Unstuck

SpinTires is out and everyone seems to be getting stuck! The remedy for such a situation is to of course use the winch that is attached to all of your trucks, but how does it work you may ask? Lets take a look at a few things and show you what to do here! Simple instructions for the keys will be below the video.
Lucco for LuccosWorld on Youtube.

How to get unstuck:
Once you are in a situation that you cannot move, AND you have trees around you, simply follow steps 1-6!

REMEMBER, your winch system only works when the truck engine is ON and running, also both trees and trucks can be used as anchors to pull you out. One thing to know is that a trucks parking brake must be on if stationary, but aditional pulling power may be needed, so hook up and pull that truck out of the mud!

Once Stuck follow these steps!

1. Activate Advanced Mode by hitting V on your keyboard. Advanced mode gives direct access to your heads up display or HUD, this should also give you a mouse cursor, and if you don’t see a mouse cursor then click the mouse to change from free camera mode to mouse cursor mode. One other thing, a circle will appear around your truck, this is the maximum range of your winch, so if there are no trees within it, then your really stuck! Other trucks can be used as ancors, simply choose another truck, drive close enough to one that is stuck, hookup to it and engage the parking brake
2. find the circle node icon on the front or back of your truck and mouse click it. (usually a left mouse click) The icon is usually grey so keep your eyes peeled!
3. Drag your mouse cursor to the desired tree location, angle, whichever you can get and click the circle node that is at the base of the tree. Now that you are fully connected lets continue!
4. Disengage Advanced mode by hitting the V key again. This lets you steer your truck and use the power of your engine and the winch at the same time! The abilities of the trucks are extremely limited if you just try to use the winch by itself, highly Not recommended.
5. Hold the F key and drive in the direction you wish to go and feel freedom at your fingertips! The F key engages the winch, but its power alone cannot save you from a muddy doom, you must drive forward or backward depending on how you are stuck. Remember that you can spin your tires just to get motion going, and winch yourself sideways!
6. Rinse and repeat this process until satisfied with the results, or if you have really gotten yourself in an even bigger mess.

These are the simple tools you need to know how to get out of the mud in Spintires. Follow the instructions on how to use the winch and success will be at your fingertips!

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Recover A Flipped ATV in DayZ Walk Through

Here we are going to tell and show you how to recover a flipped atv. Alright so the basics are this people, When you flip over an ATV in the Arma II mod of DayZ, you need to remember a few simple steps to help you get back upright and back on your way, assuming your ATV didn’t blow up when you flipped it…


1: NEVER get off your ATV when you flip it, unless you know it will blow up, you never get off because what happens then? Thats right, you are unable to get back on the ATV until a server reset is done, or someone was lucky enough to actually ram the ATV upright. In some cases you will see server lag or graphical issues that show the ATV upright and you are still able to hop back on.

2: Visually inspect the damage, if you are missing 1 wheel you should be ok, most of the time 2 wheels can be missing as well, more than 2 wheels missing, then it may be difficult to upright the ATV but not necessarily impossible.

3: Turn your wheels towards the sky and hold down your reverse button. This of course begins to take you in reverse and spin you in a circle depending on the direction your wheels are turned. So for example, if the ATV is on its right side, you turn your wheels left towards the sky and hold reverse. When your ATV flipped on the left side, you turn your wheels to the right and hold reverse.

4: continue to hold reverse and keep your wheels turned towards the sky, it can take several minutes in some cases to fully recover the ATV to an upright position. Once you are upright go ahead and make your repairs if you have equipment on hand, or handle with care as you continue on your way. Understandably parts can be difficult to locate and server latency spikes periodically which causes you to lose control of your vehicle or character and run through objects that you would normally avoid. Stay calm and simply recover from the incident and continue rolling out in DayZ!

Enjoy the commentary as well as the Epic ATV recovery off a Bridge!!! Everyone knows bridges are an ATV’s worst enemy in most cases, so here it goes! Video below.

Simple dayz walk through giving you the information and skills needed for recovering a flipped atv in DayZ, with this you should be able to enjoy your ATV for much longer than previously before!

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