SpinTires How to Use the Winch and Get Unstuck

SpinTires is out and everyone seems to be getting stuck! The remedy for such a situation is to of course use the winch that is attached to all of your trucks, but how does it work you may ask? Lets take a look at a few things and show you what to do here! Simple [...] Read more »

Recover A Flipped ATV in DayZ Walk Through

Here we are going to tell and show you how to recover a flipped atv. Alright so the basics are this people, When you flip over an ATV in the Arma II mod of DayZ, you need to remember a few simple steps to help you get back upright and back on your way, assuming [...] Read more »

Battlefield 3 Review and All The Glory

Well guys the game is here as of October 25th 2011, and I’m here to say that the new gaming engine frostbite 2 is rocking and rolling into something pretty compellingly awesome. The topics we are going to cover for this battlefield 3 review are of course everything you can imagine and more, as we [...] Read more »

World of Tanks Artillery and The Life Of An Ace Tanker

What is up everyone, this is your favorite gamer Lucco here talking a little about the World of Tanks Mastery Badges and to tell you that I am an Ace tanker. This means that I am among the best tankers who use artillery for the type of tank I use. This means that I am [...] Read more »

Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Consular, Chaos and Harmony

Here is Lucco once again sharing his expertise in gaming as he solo’s the final class quest mission for the Jedi Consular. This Star Wars The Old Republic fight is fairly simple, but does have a few draw backs that you need to be aware of so you can successfully complete this quest, and battle, [...] Read more »

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