Battlefield 3 Review and All The Glory

Well guys the game is here as of October 25th 2011, and I’m here to say that the new gaming engine frostbite 2 is rocking and rolling into something pretty compellingly awesome. The topics we are going to cover for this battlefield 3 review are of course everything you can imagine and more, as we dive into the mix of multiplayer combat versus single player combat. Keep in mind that the game can and will continue to change and adapt as people give more feedback to the creators so adjustments and suggestions can be made and implemented at any time, just like most other video games you might enjoy.

The game and all of its glory took 30-45 minutes to upload to my system and get everything situated, and another 5-10 minutes to get my controls fixed up so that everything is playable for me. Looking into multiplayer combat as well as the overall multiplayer experience is always a must because lets face it, battlefield 3 is a video game designed for online multiplayer action. I took a little bit of time to get myself acclimated with each class to see which one I would prefer to run as a favorite, and which one I would prefer as a backup. While all classes can be equally useful in specific situations, its always nice to have a favorite don’t you think?

Diving right into things I took a first look at the overall multiplayer aspect before doing anything else in Battlefield 3. The reason behind this is because again, the game really is designed for online combat rather than the single player experience. When you first dive into the action you have a choice to make about which class you would like to take the role of first, whether you prefer the Assault class, the Sniper class, the Support class, or the Engineer class. Each one of these classes have some very unique aspects that one can enjoy and also can use in very different situations throughout any given type of gameplay you choose.

Battlefield 3 Classes

When I first jumped into battle in BF3, I took on the role of the Assault class, and by default I had a medic pack available to throw out at any time. Each pack you throw out eliminates the previous one you put down so moving around and deploying several is not an option. Progressing through this class you can then unlock some amazing features like the defibrillator that can revive a downed ally, and farther along down the line you can unlock additional weapons that create a much more enjoyable atmosphere for you and your team. As I continue to play the assault class I become more and more comfortable about advancing into enemy territory to assist not only my squad, but the rest of my teammates as well.

Sniper class

Playing the Assault class is all fine and dandy, but myself, I prefer the Sniper class and all of its glory. The feeling of being able to take out a target from great distances while watching over your team as they advance into enemy territory, is a thrilling and exhilarating experience. I moved into this class and worked until I was able to use the Russian SV98 sniper rifle that is designed for long range combat. My current record shot to date is just shy of 500 meters, with a 12x zoom scope and remember that gravity is a factor so use of a sniper rifle at long range is definitely not a point and shoot option. While the power seems to have been turned down slightly for the sniper, a headshot still does the trick quite nicely. If you are not one who might be proficient with long range weapons, you can watch where your shot hits and “walk your fire” up to the target, assuming they stay in the same place while you slowly find your range and get on target to adjust your scope for a headshot.

Support Class

Moving on I decided to take on the role of the Support class where you are enabled to use heavy weapons as well as light weapons, so that movement is not heavily burdened by the fact that a heavy weapon is always the weapon of choice. The use of lighter weapons makes the Support class much more agile and helpful in tight situations, having the ability to throw down an ammunition crate with easy and then smoothly swap back to your weapon and continue the fight. While you may not be able to revive or heal your teammates, it is imperative that you have ammunition for fights that can become quite a tussle between opposing teams, particularly when holding the base on conquest battles. Further down the progression of the Support class as you unlock new abilities and rank up, you come across C4-explosives and Mortar rounds that have deadly accuracy. This enables the Support class to sit back and bombard the enemy from a safe location, which also covers your teams advance to the target as you can put down smoke cover the advance. This is also great for immobile vehicles as you can hit them with ease once you get used to using the mortar system.

Engineering Class

The Engineering class is exactly that and more as you have the ability to repair friendly vehicles, or cause destruction to enemy vehicles alike. You can carry anti-tank missiles/RPG’s or anti-air rockets to assist your allies in the air. If destroying tanks and air vehicles is not your thing, you can use the EOD(Explosive Ordnance Disposal) BOT gives you a remote control bot that can arm/disarm M-COM stations in Rush scenario’s, or you can even repair or damage vehicles. As this is a newer feature, discovery that an enemy robot is nearby seems to be of little importance. One situation I ran my little Bot into enemy territory and armed the M-COM stations over and over, meanwhile I’m staring right at the enemy as they disarm the station. Once they turn there back I inch forward and arm the M-COM and back away slowly, all this with the enemy team within feet of my EOD BOT. This experience shows that teams do not expect this type of play by someone with a remote control bot at their disposal, and so they are not sure what to make of it. Steering is touchy and sensitive when controlling this bot, so maneuverability is definitely something to get used to.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Overall

Battlefield 3 boasts a new gaming engine they are calling Frostbite 2, this has been an amazing upgrade from previous games as it provides a new look to everything you see in the game. I feel it has made things much better than previous battlefield games and has successfully given its users something to be excited about visually. The multiplayer aspect of battlefield 3 is the key to everything in this game, as the single player campaign is not quite up to par with being something great. I suspect that while a lot of thought and time went into the single player campaign, it was still a secondary thought compared to the overall multiplayer gameplay. The game shows 9 maps with several variations as to how those maps can be played and this makes it feel like there are more than the 9 designated maps available. Ranging from team death match, to the fast paced rush, without forgetting about the large conquest maps gives the player an exciting view of different modes and map locations. The leveling system works quite well and gives a wide range of unlocks to be discovered as you progress in your battlefield 3 experience. The only thing that could make this better, would be random map generation, but we all know that does not seem to be of any interest to game designers.

Battlefield 3 Single Player Campaign

The single player campaign certainly can be exciting for a first time play through, and after the initial run through of all twelve missions you do not find many replaying those missions for any particular reason. The initial experience can be exciting in places throughout the missions, but replay ability is definitely not a high point for battlefield 3. One aspect that has been added is the Co-Op mission that total six in all and give you and your friends a way to challenge each other for the high scores, or accuracy throughout each mission. This is something new and exciting to give you and your friends more of a challenge and competition outside of the multiplayer aspect. Graphically the campaign is stunning and particularly crisp when running through the twelve missions available, but the mission difficulties do not seem to be difficult enough. There needs to be a very hard, or impossible mode of sorts for those hardcore gamers who enjoy more than just a slight challenge.

Drawbacks to Battlefield 3

Some drawbacks of the single player campaign include difficulty levels not being difficult enough, replay ability weak and not something to look forward to after the first run through. The story seems a bit cheesy and does not really feel like battlefield, and while the Co-Op gives a slightly more challenging aspect, you find yourself unable to test your skills in vehicles other than the A1 abrams tank. You get to jump into a jet fighter and fight some air battles as the gunner, but never the pilot, and this fails to hit home for those who would otherwise like to test fly these monsters and hone their skills before jumping into multiplayer.

Sound in Battlefield 3

The sound in battlefield 3 is amazing with the radio chatter, vehicles and explosions that you might actually think your in the battle at times. Shells that go off around you are deafening to the point where you cannot hear your weapon fire, or others, for that matter, making your experience just that much better in my opinion. Amazing sound can really make a difference, and nothing sounds fake in this exciting battlefield 3 campaign and multiplayer experience.

My Game Score

Overall I give the game a score of 8.6 out of 10, as Other critics may give it an 8.5 or a 9, I feel this is a fair assessment of the overall gameplay and graphics that battlefield 3 has to offer.

So for Battlefield 3, the story is the same when it comes to reasons to purchase this epic game of mass proportions, and that is that the multiplayer reigns overall giving you an immense battlefield to roam around in with a wide assortment of vehicles, weapons, and aircraft to choose from. When tired of fighting the same fight over and over you simply change game modes for a completely new experience and type of play. Whether your a team player, or simple want to go around on your own, the squad system lets you join up with others, or keep yourself outside of all squads and do your own thing. Keeping things simple and unified with battlefield games of the past, you wont be disappointed with the overall gameplay of your online experience.

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