Bwemba’s Spirit Part 1 of 3, World of Warcraft Cataclysm

Here is Lucco going through the entire quest chain of Bwemba’s Spirit. This is Bwemba’s spirit part 1 of a 3 part series and links for the next 2 will be at the bottom of the page, or if you like, search for them on the website! There are 17 quests in all so don’t forget to see the other parts of this quest chain.


This first part of a three part series, gives you these quests as shown below. I list both the Alliance and Horde sides of the quests, while showing in the videos the Alliance side and talking about the horde area’s as well. The is the World of Warcraft quest chain in its entirety cut up into 3 different parts, watch them all for the full experience! Link will be provided below to the other sections, or you can check them out on my youtube channel, link is provided for Lucco’s World on the Youtube page of this website, thanks!

Alliance: The Zandalar Representative

World of Warcraft Bwemba’s Spirit- quests as required to complete the entire chain.

1: To Fort Livingston
2: Serpents and Poison
3: Spirits Are With Us

Horde: The Zandalari Menace

Bwemba’s Spirit
1: To Bambala
2: Serpents and Poison
3: Spirits Are With Us

You start out in a major city where you begin the quest chain from the call board in a major city.

Check out Bwemba’s Spirit part 2 continued here!

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