Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Review

This Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 review is here to give you the know how for the fast paced shooter. The newest game of the MW3 franchise has broken sales for previous games of the past for EA. Will the Hype hold its own when the gamer gets a hold of it? Thats what we are here to tell you and starting off, we jump right into the look of things.


The visuals for Modern Warefare 3 are nothing ground breaking, but they get the job done as you move from location to location through the campaign as well as the multiplayer side of things. The campaign is about the only place your going to see destructible terrain as the multiplayer offers more of a static feel to the overall layout of each map. While this leaves some disappointed, others enjoy the game for what it is and don’t worry about super cool visuals or exciting terrain, but rather they use their skills to enjoy the shooter franchise.


The Campaign has several difficulties, that match almost anyones playstyle as you roll through each mission with the feeling of being in the action and enjoying every minute of it. While some may not enjoy the endless spawn of enemies, others can enjoy the campaign for its explosive action, and between 5-7 hours of overall gameplay. Those who enjoy running the hardest Veteran difficulty, can jump into the action and feel there is a challenge that is taking place, rather than going up against some wimpy AI that just lets you take the shot.

The campaign offers you a wide array of locations throughout 3 Acts that total 17 missions over all. The campaign takes you on a journey through a continuation of where you left of in Modern Warfare 2 and the opening act gives you a few scenes from Modern Warfare 2 to get you back in the action and caught up to speed.

Like before, you jump around from mission to mission playing as different characters from different parts of the world. You move through some tragedies from the past that keep your senses alert and ready for the next task at hand, this also takes you from being on the ground and in the action, to taking to the skies for remote control weaponry on aircraft in the area, you feel like your part of the team and your the glue that keeps them together. While in one mission you may be protecting New York City from being overun by Russians, the next offers you a new view from a different part of the world, while you join a rescue operation for a badly injured ally. So all in all the campaign keeps you on your toes and in the action almost every second of the way. Ultimately it seems that your going for revenge through each mission, while trying to survive what gets thrown at you at every turn.

Campaign Co-Op

The MW3 Co-Op campaign are missions you can complete either on your own, or with a friend, that gives you a challenge while enjoying the company of others. You compete with one another through each level and then your scores can be compared to those on the leaderboard of all players of Modern Warfare 3. If your short on friends who are online the same time as yourself, you can go online and find someone to run the challenges with. This can be said for the Co-Op missions as well as the Survival mode.

Survival Mode

This is where your skills as a marksman and quick reflexes come in to play heavily. You test your skills against hordes of enemies that come in from all directions and has diversity from juggernauts in heavy armor, to dogs straped with C-4. The Explosive action also brings in air support for yourself and the enemy, giving you something to both hide from and shoot for at the same time. The amount of enemy troops increases with each level you complete and throughout it all you have to keep track of your money for purchasing better weaponry throughout locations on the map. As you level up in this mode you unlock more weapons to purchase, and more difficulty levels as well.

Instead of choosing your difficulty level, you choose one of multiple maps that all fit into the same difficulty category. As you rank up you are able to unlock more missions for survival mode that offer a higher level of difficulty giving you options as to what mission you want to try next. Giving people more than just a standard campaign mission has been achieved in the Modern Warfare 3 fan base.

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The multiplayer aspect has much more to offer than those of the past. Game developers created new systems for weapon unlocks and perks that definitely make things more interesting. Each weapon you use levels up the more you use it, and unlocks become available the more you level the weapon. The same system applies as to how you rank up, kills and bonuses give you points towards the ranking system, so you get X number of points and you rank up to a level cap of 80 before your able to prestige.

The overall gameplay feel is a bit sluggish, but otherwise not much has changed. While there are several new game modes for online play, you still rank up the same way. New weapons and new modes do not always mean better gaming, but that is always up to the gamer due to the fact that everyone has their own style of play. If your into quick scoping then you will be happy to hear that it is back and rolling like no ones business. Less powerful scopes are also prefered for short range sniping and it definitely gets the job done.

If quick scoping is not your speed, then take a look at all of the other classes you can build while playing Modern Warfare 3. Two categories come to mind when I talk about this, and that is support and offense. The support aspect is exactly that, while your gaining killstreaks with the support class, your killstreaks persist through death, meaning you do not lose your streak ever in a match. The downside to this is that you are only able to support your team with things like the Recon drone that allow you to remote control a small aircraft to spot enemy soldiers for your teammates. Even though you will receive some items that are potentially offensive weapons or strikes, your roll is still the same and that is support.

Support can be fun, but what everyone likes is a good assault or specialist deal. You can customize your care package loadout to match the killstreaks you prefer and this can make offense deadly. Everyone always says that a good defense is an even better offense and in this case its definitely true. The AC-130 is back with all its glory and rockin out kills like you would not believe. Between strafe runs with multiple helicopters to the simple addition of Juggernaut armor, your senses will tingle with excitment when you dive into the action and get the killstreak of your choosing.


While I’m not going to sit here and list all of the weapons the game offers, all you have to know is that weapons and perks have changed. New weapons have been added and a totally new system of perks for those weapons has been added. Unlocking weapons is still the same however, and you must level up in order to unlock newer and better weapons. Your weapon starts at level one, and as you progress and use the weapon it levels up to unlock perks and attachments for that weapon. If you want to use a multitude of weapons, you need to use each one equally to get the attachments and perks you prefer for that weapon. Keep in mind that you must rank up in order to unlock the perks and attachments for each weapon, so ranking up and leveling your weapon goes hand in hand.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Standard modes
Team Deathmatch(TDM) – straight up teams fight it out for the most kills, in the end only one team can be the victor.
Kill Confirmed(KC) – Team deathmatch with a fun twist, you must collect the dog tags of the target you take out in order to earn your kill.
Mercenary – Team death match and Kill Confirmed, but with No party or groups allowed.
Free-For-All(FFA) – This should be self explanatory, but its every man for himself in the all out war.
Domination – Controlling the 3 available flags on the map are key to winning this match, you must take control and hold them in order to score points, kills do not matter in this game mode.
Ground War – Large teams of a total of 12-18 players with TDM, KC, and Domination in the rotation.
Team Defender – You must hold the flag and earn kills, while the flag is in your possession, you earn bonus points for each kill.
Demolition – Attackers have to destroy 2 bomb sites within a specified time limit in order to be the victor, respawn is enabled.
Sabotage – This is where both teams fight over one bomb to try and detonate the enemies bomb site first. The first detonation wins the match.
Headquarters Pro – Capture the HQ and hold it for as long as you can, the longer you have control the more points you earn.
Search and Destroy(S&D) – simple enough, search out and destroy the objective while the enemy tries to stop you, and respawn is disabled.
Capture the Flag(CTF) – two flags, two teams, steal the enemy flag and bring it back to your base, remember that you must protect your own flag as well.

Advanced Modes
Team Tactical – 4v4 small matches of cycling standard modes like TDM, KC, Domination, Demolition, S&D, and CTF
Mosh Pit – A playlist of all objective based modes to cycle through.
Hardcore Team Deathmatch – this turns on friendly fire, extra bullet damage, and you get a limited HUD(heads up display).
Hardcore Kill Confirmed – same as hardcore team deathmatch, but you must collect dog tags for kills.
Hardcore Search and Destroy – Friendly fire on, extra bullet damage enabled, and a limited HUD(heads up display)
Hardcore Domination – Limited HUD, Friendly fire on, and extra bullet damage.
Hardcore Team Tactical – Small games of TDM, Domination, S&D, and Kill confirmed with extra bullet damage, Friendly fire, and limited HUD.
Barebones – TDM, Kill Confirmed, and Domination with all killstreaks disabled.

GameScores: Overall 8.9 out of 10

The overall score is of course an average of both the single player and the multiplayer aspects. While I feel the single player was much more enjoyable, the multiplayer had the WoW factor for your first experience and then settled into the predictable gameplay it is, and that is a shooter with competition and quick action response.

So while the gameplay may suffer from being a bit sluggish in movement and having too many options to choose from, just remember that your in the battle to have fun and compete with people all over the world. If thats not your genre of enjoyment, then I suggest you stay out of MW 3, and go play Hello Kitty Island adventures like Butters on Southpark. This has been your Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 review for your gaming fix.

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