Recover A Flipped ATV in DayZ Walk Through

Here we are going to tell and show you how to recover a flipped atv. Alright so the basics are this people, When you flip over an ATV in the Arma II mod of DayZ, you need to remember a few simple steps to help you get back upright and back on your way, assuming [...] Read more »

Battlefield 3 Review and All The Glory

Well guys the game is here as of October 25th 2011, and I’m here to say that the new gaming engine frostbite 2 is rocking and rolling into something pretty compellingly awesome. The topics we are going to cover for this battlefield 3 review are of course everything you can imagine and more, as we [...] Read more »

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Review


This Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 review is here to give you the know how for the fast paced shooter. The newest game of the MW3 franchise has broken sales for previous games of the past for EA. Will the Hype hold its own when the gamer gets a hold of it? Thats what [...] Read more »