Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Consular, Chaos and Harmony

Here is Lucco once again sharing his expertise in gaming as he solo’s the final class quest mission for the Jedi Consular. This Star Wars The Old Republic fight is fairly simple, but does have a few draw backs that you need to be aware of so you can successfully complete this quest, and battle, [...] Read more »

Star Wars The Old Republic, Doomsday Republic Emperor Fight

Star Wars the old republic, Jedi Knight quest called Doomsday. This is a fight against the Emperor, or the “voice of the Emperor”. Now this video is showing the fight and not the story, as I am a Jedi Sage and am only supporting/healing the Jedi Knight as this what not exactly something you could [...] Read more »

Star Wars The Old Republic Stuck In An AirLock

Hello everyone, this is your favourite gamer Lucco! Yes we are stuck in an airlock and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. While I think this issue is just hilarious, others are finding this quite frustrating and bothersome. I assure you that the Developers are working on solutions if they have not [...] Read more »