Dead Island Blue Skull Location and Drop Off

The Fun and Exciting Blue Skull Location and Drop Off

This is the 5th of 5 skulls available to you

Starting right after we have turned in the purple skull, we can pick up the Dead Island blue skull right across the hall from the kitchen, in the bathroom. This will take place in the abandoned house, which is the same location as the purple skull turn in, making this a two for one deal on the skull’s. I liked this mainly because the blue skull was so easy to get compared to some of the others you have had to acquire. I say this because the purple skull turn in is basically the same spot as the blue skull pick up.

If you are not in the abandoned house however, you must use the fast travel to get to the warehouse in the city, or Act 2 if you will. once in the abandoned house you can go upstairs to the bathroom and the blue skull is on a shelf on the left side as you enter the bathroom. The Dead Island blue skull location is simple, you only need to smash the glass on the shelving to pick up the item and then be happily on your way.

Once the skull has been acquired head back to the warehouse were you are going to use the fast travel system to take you back to the lifeguard tower and from here we will be running to the dead island blue skull drop off location. heading south towards the very first hut you started the game in, you will move past this hut and come upon bunker number 06. inside this bunker is where we need to be so take out the zombies and Thugs in the area to talk to the man at the gate to the entrance.

The man allows you to enter the bunker as well as gives you access to the secret room, and upon entering you want to take a right turn, and take another right turn past the first crates you see to the man hole cover. this takes you to a far away location with no way out and may seem strange as to why your in a box you cant get out of through any doors. This is where the hidden room needs to be explored.

The blue skull drop off location sits behind the door to the back room and you need some type of explosion in order to open that door. Climb the ladder and retrieve one of 2 red propane canisters and throw it down to the lower level. Once you have climbed down the ladder, retrieve your propane can and throw it against the back room door and then explode it by using a gun or simply throwing a weapon at the propane can. The explosion blows the door away and gives you access to the back room where the turn in for the blue skull sits on the wall with one skull and a box next to it. Place your skull on the other side of the box and in a poof of smoke the box will open revealing a teddy bear.

The teddy bear gives you the Developer mod number 3, which is the plague mod, and with each strike you have a very high chance of causing the zombie to puke. This can be great when you have multiple targets as it adds little damage, but a big distraction. The Dead island blue skull has been found and turned in, thus giving you all the skulls that are currently available.

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