Dead Island Brown Skull Location and Drop Off Location

The Fun and Exciting Brown Skull Location and Drop Off

progress through the game would make this the 2nd out of 5 if going in any type of order.

As if fighting zombies isn’t enough, try finding all the hidden skulls that bring you an easier way to destroy your zombie opponents. The Dead Island brown skull location is in the bunker with the Russian. This location is unlocked once you have picked up the armored truck from the Hotel, and you are moving on to the next mission, this will be to check out a downed helicopter on the north end of the island.

Once there you will find a Russian passenger who survived the crash and you must escort him through hordes of enemy zombies to a safe area. The closest location is a concrete bunker near the cost and this is where you will find the brown skull location. Once inside you will have access to a man hole cover that takes you to the lower section of the bunker, this is a dark and mysterious place once you have entered so have your flash light ready, as you will most likely encounter one or two Suiciders.

When you have sufficiently handled the Suiciders, the Brown skull will be on the floor among some zombies by the bench in the very room you entered. Quickly grabbing the skull and returning from the dark and dreary place is advised, but it never hurts to explore as there may be other items you can collect in this section of the bunker.

Turning in the skull is no small feat, as you must scale a rocky mountainous area in order to reach the brown skull drop off location. The quickest way to get to the turn in location, is to use the Fast travel system and transport to the Lifeguard Tower, once there you will then return to the beach and head north to what appears to be 2 large rock formations that come to a point on the island and have a carved out section in the center.

Once you have arrived here, wooden panels and planks will visually tell you that the location is correct, as coming from the lifeguard tower the boards will be on your left on the south side of the rock formation as you enter the area, three planks will be visible to start, and you zig zag up the path it provides until you see the rock ledge that leads to the second rock formation. Here you can turn a sharp left turn and you will see a red arrow neatly placed on a rock pointing up. This indicates the easiest path to the top of the rock mountain formation.

Winding up to the top of this rock formation is your best bet to getting to the Dead Island brown skull drop off location. The destination will be found when you see a small flag with several skulls placed near each other, as long as you have already retrieved the brown skull, you can place the item where indicated.

Once all is done and you have found your way up to the top and placed the skull in the turn in location, a poof of smoke happens and it turns into a teddy bear. This can be picked up and now you have found 1 of the developer mod craft items. This one in particular is the 666 glova mod, which is a glove that delivers a shocking attack. This has been the Dead Island brown skull location as well as the drop off point.

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  1. shade jolt says:

    i heard when a infected runs at you when you hit wi6th the glove it sends them high in the sky and when they hit the ground it’s a 1 HIT K.O

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