Dead Island Green Skull Location and Drop Off

The Fun and Exciting Green Skull Location and Drop Off

The green skull can be the 1st of 5 you will see in the game.

The dead island green skull location is actually the first spot you should hit at the start of the game. While this location is a bit out of the way in the beginning, you head south instead of north to find this skull in its hiding spot. This makes it really easy to pick up the green skull when you first start out, and if your not just starting out then it gives you the perfect idea of where you need to go in order to pick up the green skull.

The idea is to be at the very first hut you start in, and then run south west from there. There is a slight road to follow that can take you straight to the green skull location, My video shows a map location of this so as not to confuse anyone. The green skull itself is in a tool box that is up on a rock face that takes a little jumping but more or less just walking up the small path provided.

Now once you have picked this up the turn in will be in the Supermarket in ACT 2. So basically if your progressing from the beginning then you need to get to Act 2 and then go through the sewers to get to the supermarket. All this goes along as you progress through the game, so as long as you picked up the skull in the first place, you should have it until you turn it in and receive the mod from it once you go to the green skull drop off location.

To get to the Green skull drop off you simply need to progress and reach the Supermarket, while this can be a lengthy process do not get discouraged. The sewers are by far not my favourite place to be, but it is necessary in order to get to the supermarket so that you can turn in the green skull and receive the reward.

Once in the supermarket you simply make your way to the main sales floor, while battling hordes of zombies and humans alike, the humans of course have guns so watch your step! once there you will locate the toys section, which once you enter into the main supermarket sales floor, its a right turn from the entrance, and over some carts to a shelf full of teddy bears. The shelf your looking for is the second from the bottom or, the middle shelf if you prefer.

Once you have found the Dead Island green skull drop off spot all you do is place the skull with the teddy bears, a poof of smoke happens, and a new teddy bear appears. Pick this up to receive your new Developer #2 craft mod. this is for a Baseball bat and gives a much higher chance of crit, and this has been the Dead island green skull location and drop off point.

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