Dead Island Orange Skull Location and Drop Off

The Fun and Exciting Orange Skull Location and Drop Off

This would be the 3rd of 5 skulls through your progression in game.

Here we find ourselves in the Supermarket where we find the Dead Island orange skull location. This can be picked up even before you turn in the green skull, because you run past this on the way to the main sales floor to turn in the green skull. The actual location is underneath the stairwell shortly after you enter the Supermarket from the sewers.

Moving forward past the blown steam pipe that you need to turn off or you take damage, you head into a couple different rooms before running into the stairwell. Underneath the stairwell in a shopping cart is the orange skull location in all the glory a blinking skull can have. A quick snatching of the skull as well as a hasty retreat can get you to the dead island orange skull drop off location in a flash. Retrace your steps and head immediately back into the sewers.

Once back into the sewers back track for about 100 meters, where you will come to a tall ladder with a small room to enter at the top. The room has a long section of sewer water so its definitely easy to find while back tracking, although the sewers can sometimes get confusing as to your actual location. Climb the ladder as you track backwards from the Supermarket, and enter the small room that as at the top. Inside you will find the orange skull drop off location, that looks like a pile of skulls with a big orange arrow pointing down to them on the wall.

This gets you to the turn in point for the Dead Island orange skull and gives you a fun and exciting mod to use. The Developer mod number 1 that is given is an electro body knife, that basically gives you a very high critical proc chance. This knife electrocutes the enemy almost every single time and can be a great addition to your existing arsenal of weapons.

This is how you are able to acquire a new mod by finding the dead island orange skull location to use for your benefit once you have turned it in for the mod. The actual use of the mod is totally up to you, but of course you still have to build it in order to use it.

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