Dead Island Purple Skull Location and Drop Off

The Fun and Exciting Purple Skull Location and Drop Off

This will be the 4th of 5 skulls you see as you progress

The Dead Island purple skull location will be best found if you have already done the sewer missions. I say this because while you are trying to escape, it can easily be forgotten that there is a skull in plain sight. I say this because at the base of the ladder you need to climb to find the purple skull, is usually a few zombies as well as a Floater. So starting out at the church we do a little back tracking in order to retrieve the purple skull on our own time.

Moving in the direction of the water treatment plant we will exit the church and head on our way. The closest sewer entrance that sits next to the small bridge is the one we are looking for here, so head towards the small bridge that is south and west of the church by about 50 meters or so. This entrance is not far away at all as we only need to enter and trace our steps a small amount in order to find the purple skull location.

Right after entering the the lovely smelling sewers we want to go right, where more than likely we will encounter at least one Floater. Dealing with the floater is simple enough, but in tight quarters it can be a bit tricky when you are unable to attack from the flank. moving past the first Floater, we continue down the confusing sewer tunnels and come upon the first ladder we see. The Dead Island purple skull is sitting next to a weapons crate just waiting to be picked up.

At this point we are going to back track and exit the sewers as my video shows. The sewers can be a little confusing so a step by step is recommended by following my video. Once we exit the sewers after acquiring the dead island purple skull, we are going to head back to the church and use the Fast travel system to warp to the Warehouse, if you do not have the warehouse it is south east of the church location. Once at the warehouse we head to what is called “the abandoned house”.

The Abandoned house its out in plain sight, but is also hidden, because you need to discover the area before it becomes available. The warehouse location is key to a short run to the abandoned house which is North East of the warehouse as my video shows, you run past the bus and around the corner on the right and you are right where you need to be. The Dead Island purple skull drop off spot is on the second floor in the kitchen on the stove to be exact.

inside the house you will find several zombies as well as at least one Thug, easily dealt with, you move on and up the stairwell to the second floor where you will encounter several more zombies. Past this group is a series of 3 rooms, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathrooom, the location we are looking for is the kitchen for the purple skull drop off location.

Note: All zombies must be destroyed in the house before the bedroom becomes available to enter.

In the kitchen you will find a stove with one single burner lit, this is the turn in spot for the purple skull. Once placed on the stove the skull disappears in a poof of smoke and a teddy bear shows up on the stove. This gives you the Developer mod number 4 which is the Mindblowing Mod, this gives you a knife that with one strike will blow up the skull of any regular zombie.

Moving on from here we want to pick up the Blue skull as we leave because that is the easiest way to do it from my own experience. This shows you how to find the dead island purple skull location, as well as where to turn it in and what mod you receive from turning it in.

Click here to see the Blue Skull location and drop off

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