Dead Island Special Infected Floater, Butcher, Infected

The exciting thing about these special infected, is that they are easy as well as difficult for example, the floater is a very large unit that cannot move very fast but has spitting attacks. One spitting attack is long range, while the other cannot be interrupted. The long range attack can easily be dodged by stepping sideways, while the spitting attack that cannot be interrupted is a full 180 degrees frontal attack. This makes it very important that you get in close and get behind your target in order to take the dead island floater out safely. So attacks should be constant and from the back, otherwise the floater can do some serious damage.

The next monster we have is the Dead Island butcher, now in this game there are actually 2 different butchers, but one is human and is nothing compared to the zombie butcher. This unit has no hands, only exposed bone that looks like the hands were chopped off, and then the feet are also exposed bone, but they hold up on their own.
The butcher is fast and almost unpredictable, because they turn and move as you do and can follow quite easily do to quick reflexes. The overall swing and kick attacks do not do a ton of damage on their own, but in quick action they can hit you 4-6 times with what feels like the blink of an eye. The way I deal with the monsters, is to force them to scream, or stop and yell because your too close for their liking. I move in close and jump back quickly, and repeatedly, then circle them as I do this. Every so often swinging for a strike and aiming at their skulls in order to do maximum damage. I repeat this process until the butcher is no more, and I am left the victor.

The final section to the video is showing the dead island Infected, now these are not elite units like the floater’s and butchers, these are regular zombies that move a lot faster than the others, and can be quite annoying, they have a swinging attack that hits you 3 times for a good chunk of your health on each it. This swinging attacks cannot be interrupted which is why it is so deadly. The way to deal with these problem zombies, is to kick and stun them, because the kick knocks them back. Handling multiple infected is a challenge because they do not quite line up for a single kick to hit them all, and you have to dance around and dodge if you do not have the weapons to knock them down, or take them out with only one or two swings.

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