Dead Island Special Infected Suicider, Ram, Thug

Here we show you three of the first zombies to appear in Dead Island

In the first part of this video you will see the dead island suicider, which is very similar to the boomer in Left 4 Dead 2. These guys have no melee attack, but they do explode for massive damage. While there are several ways to engage these monsters, My preference is to throw a weapon or to run up and then back away, because they do a proximity explosion as in when you get to close they decide to explode.

The second special infected you are going to see is the dead island RAM, this unit is massive in size, and is wrapped in a straight jacket. The way to engage these units are to dodge and attack, this means you must wait for the RAM to charge you, when they get closer to you jump to the side and then follow them as the weak spot is on their back. A small patch of the jacket is open allowing you to hit the target for the full weapons damage you have available. Be careful doing this as they will spin around and kick you for massive damage.

The third mod we engage is the dead island Thug and this one is particularly difficult due to the fact that the reach they have is ridiculous. Dodging and weaving does not always work with these monsters, but it is a definite way you can force the mob to make predictable moves. I say this because after multiple hits the Thug will then roar swinging their arms limply and this is your window to attack them. This process is to be repeated until the target has been destroyed.

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  1. Deja says:

    I think the fastest and easiest way to kill a thug is either breaking or cutting off both his arms. That way you don’t have to worry about his long reach or anything like that. You will have to worry about him biting as that will take half your health or more, but he can only accomplish that if you stay close to him for too long. Dance around him and he’ll be dead in no time. Also, if you have a Molotov that’ll kill a RAM really fast without you getting close to it. If you don’t have a Molotov your going to have to try his tactic instead

  2. Chris says:

    It is more easy to kill thugs by just using some kind of axe

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