Gaming News for November 9th 2011

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Hello to the gaming and youtube community, today I bring you a new segment I like to call, Gaming News. This is something I hope to be bringing you on a weekly, or biweekly basis. These are just a few items I wanted to share with you guys based on what I thought was interesting this week.

We start out with the game with humans klingons and vulcans alike.
Star Trek online going free to play is something that everyone has known about, but the when and why have been a mystery until now.
star trek online will go free to play on january 17th 2012. People still do not like paying for content, a system has been devised to allow free to play users access to the in game money system, by allowing the trade of Dilithium for Cryptic Points. This will be the only item able to be auctioned off for cryptic points and there will be a daily limit to how much can be obtained by normal means in a given day. This allows those free to play gamers to still enjoy the content, but it may take a bit longer to get where you want to be.

Moving on,

Battlefield 3 has been such a fast growing success for EA that a sequal has been mentioned on twitter. Thats right a battlefieild 4 has been mentioned, and given that battlefield 3 is the fastest selling EA game in history, this should come as no surprise that a sequal has been mentioned.

Modern warfare 3 has launched and the overall score given by IGN is a 9.0 overall this matches the 9 given to battlefield 3 as well, so who is to say one game is better than the other? The only way to tell is to play the games and test them out overall, while bf3 still shows more promise on the overall look graphically, the feel of modern warfare 3 is that of mw2 with a few new maps and perks.

While modern warfare 3 has yet to be fully picked apart by the masses, we will definitely see much critisism and compliments in the near future.

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Guys this has been lucco with your gaming news, we hope to see you next time for your gaming news fix.

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