Lucco’s Gaming News Episode 3

Skyrim Troubles: The awkwardness at which things seem to be going wrong in the Skyrim world is making gamers uneasy about the game overall, and questioning why they even purchased this troublesome star wars the old republic battlefield 3 map pack mario kart 7 This is a short news section by Lucco about some things [...] Read more »

Lucco’s Gaming News For November 18, 2011 Episode 2

Here we bring you the Second Episode ever of Lucco’s Gaming news, and of course we give you the video and an article explaining everything you see. Enjoy guys! welcome to today’s game news, today is friday, and so for your weekend send off I give you something to enjoy before your weekend gaming schedules [...] Read more »

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Review


This Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 review is here to give you the know how for the fast paced shooter. The newest game of the MW3 franchise has broken sales for previous games of the past for EA. Will the Hype hold its own when the gamer gets a hold of it? Thats what [...] Read more »

Gaming News for November 9th 2011

Here to bring you exciting Gaming News! Video Transcript: Hello to the gaming and youtube community, today I bring you a new segment I like to call, Gaming News. This is something I hope to be bringing you on a weekly, or biweekly basis. These are just a few items I wanted to share with [...] Read more »

Dead Island Special Infected Floater, Butcher, Infected

The exciting thing about these special infected, is that they are easy as well as difficult for example, the floater is a very large unit that cannot move very fast but has spitting attacks. One spitting attack is long range, while the other cannot be interrupted. The long range attack can easily be dodged by [...] Read more »

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