Star Wars The Old Republic, Doomsday Republic Emperor Fight

Star Wars the old republic, Jedi Knight quest called Doomsday. This is a fight against the Emperor, or the “voice of the Emperor”. Now this video is showing the fight and not the story, as I am a Jedi Sage and am only supporting/healing the Jedi Knight as this what not exactly something you could solo.

here we find Lucco and Cecil battling the Emperor to finally put to rest the leader of the dark side so that the Jedi can prevail and the Republic can win the war. This is the final class quest mission for the Jedi Knight in Star Wars the Old Republic.

This basically shows everyone the fight that ensues, in SWToR, after the conversation has been completed and the fight begins. the Jedi Knight doomsday quest is not exactly something that can be soloed by the Jedi Knight themselves. While some may be able to figure out a way to do this, you are extremely limited on the companion you can take into this fight.

The reason for this is because the Emperors influence is very strong and cannot be resisted by any of your companions, according to the storyline. this creates a problem for most Jedi knights because they are only able to use their T7-01 droid companion, most do not upgrade this companion because it is a tank and is not a prefered method for this fight. The droid is the only one that can resist the influence of the Emperor and so that is why it is used in this fight.

As you can see in the video Cecil and Lucco do not use the droid’s abilities because it is not upgraded to the point to where it can withstand anything to help either of them, so Cecil has dismissed the droid T7-01 and we are only using a companion that Lucco is providing for extra DPS. Lucco is the healer in this fight and Cecil is the tank so therefore all aggro should be on Cecil. The fight is extremely short considering what we are going up against, but there are many variables to consider and aggro must be gained by the tank so the healer can do their job.

DPS need to understand that while there may be ways to draw out the fight and win over time going at this solo, it is strongly recommended that all dps either grab a tank, or a healer to assist with this quest. This is a difficult fight and is an even more difficult battle to win on your own, so take my advice and get some friends in the fight. Those who do not have friends or guildies, just ask who wants to see the Jedi Knight Emperor fight, or even just ask who wants to kill the Emperor, this should gain some interest of other players.

This fight was fun but does have its drawbacks as you can see, because there are many shadows that appear to fight for the Emperor, making this fight more difficult than you might think. I hope you were able to enjoy the video and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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