Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Consular, Chaos and Harmony

Here is Lucco once again sharing his expertise in gaming as he solo’s the final class quest mission for the Jedi Consular. This Star Wars The Old Republic fight is fairly simple, but does have a few draw backs that you need to be aware of so you can successfully complete this quest, and battle, on your own. When having difficulty it is always a good idea to move keep moving forward and ask your friends to help when you are stuck.

This Star Wars The Old Republic Chaos and Harmony quest can be a little difficult when it comes to completing the story line. This battle is about you finding out that Master Syo Bakarn is the First Son of the Emperor, and you must either destroy or save Master Syo in order to save yourself and the Republic. The battle takes place in a bunker on the planet Corellia, and you found out about the this deception through some repaired corrupt files that you recovered. Once you found out who the first son of the Emperor was, everything turned to chaos and it is a fight to find and destroy this enemy before they can get away and do more harm.

Once you enter the cave of the First son of the Emperor, you run into two children of the emperor as guards for Master Syo Bakarn. Take out these two guards before engaging Master Syo, and pay attention after you talk to him, because they can respawn and basically destroy you right where you stand. This can be frustrating in SWTOR as you can imagine and makes battling him difficult. If they do respawn fight Master Syo on the far side of the room, assuming you can get him to stay by the wall. In this video he kept returning to the center of the room, which made the knock backs that much more annoying.

Quest Solo Advice and How To

So advice for soloing this final class quest is this, put your back to the wall while fighting, interrupt the “Collapse Cavern” cast or you will instantly be killed. Update your healer Tharan Cedrax before jumping into this battle and make sure he can do as much healing as fast as he can. In this video Tharan was just short of 300 healing bonus with at least 4-5% Alacrity rating(haste rating) and this was sufficient to keep me healed. One more thing to remember is that I was using Combat Technique and that gave me a 150% armor increase and shield chance increase by 15%. I am a DPS(Damage Per Second) meaning I dont carry tanking gear, so this was needed in order to keep me alive through this fight.

Group Suggestions

Suggestions for those who are unable to solo this quest are, to invite a tank or healer depending on your spec so they might assist in helping you complete this quest. Taking in a full group of four can be fun for you and your friends when they might want to see what your final class story line quest is. Even if you want to try soloing this quest it can always be a good idea to bring your friends so they might enjoy the game with you.

This quest really is not extremely difficult and I am showing you how I am able to complete this Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi consular quest with ease so that others can do the same. This game is about having fun and questing and running with friends so make it happen and have some fun while being creative. I encourage all to take a challenge and complete it to the best of their abilities.

Star Wars The Old Republic Chaos and Harmony is for all to enjoy so keep it up and roll with the punches as you figure out what your play style might be. This has been Lucco with Lucco’s World, enjoy gaming and keep on rocking.

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