Star Wars The Old Republic Stuck In An AirLock

Hello everyone, this is your favourite gamer Lucco! Yes we are stuck in an airlock and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. While I think this issue is just hilarious, others are finding this quite frustrating and bothersome. I assure you that the Developers are working on solutions if they have not implemented them already, but in the mean time check out my video of me stuck in an airlock!

Okay, okay, I should give some back ground for those developers who are stumped and may need an explanation. The scene is this, I am a Jedi Consulor(Sage), and I was assisting/helping a fellow gamer, Jedi Knight, with a class quest that was proving slightly more difficult than anticipated. So I board a Jedi Knight ship at the Republic Fleet to hitch a ride to the quest in question. This was all done while in party of course, otherwise I would not be able to hitch a ride at all. Once there, we both are able to leave the single ship we took, and proceed with the quest through completion.

Upon trying to leave I exit the phase, but then am not able to board the Jedi Knights ship or my own. The Jedi Knight was able to leave normally and left me behind. Even though they could move on and off the ship into the airlock where I currently was, It would not allow me to board their starship or my own. This has happened more than once to myself as well as many other gamers.

I can click on the airlock exit, but it does not phase me into a ship or anything else for that matter. I cannot return further into the space station/port because it is a Jedi Knight phase and I am a Jedi Consulor. This seems to happen most with non like classes, while running the same class this does not seem to happen on the same mission, so it is an issue with people trying to assist with each others class quests.

Help the Developers by giving descriptive explanations about your:

1.) location
2.) what quest your on
3.) what is happening(what the problem is)

In addition to this you need to try:

4.) logging out and back in
5.) rebooting the game completely
6.) reseting your UI by hitting Ctrl+U twice

Once all of this is achieved, then send in your bug report on the matter and simply stay put, or use your fleet beacon to get out of there. Feel free to leave a comment and leave any other suggestions you may have on what to try before sending in a bug report.

Keep in mind that this is NOT an official check list, but rather some things to try so they don’t email back and waste everyone’s time. So I hope this can help those who are stuck in space, or anywhere else they may be finding the small cracks in the armor of SWTOR.

Tell your Dev friends to check out the video if they are stumped and maybe a visual, instead of text, representation may assist them further in figuring out what to do to fix the issue.

Keep on gaming all you gamers!

Lucco, The Master Jedi.

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