World of Tanks Artillery and The Life Of An Ace Tanker

What is up everyone, this is your favorite gamer Lucco here talking a little about the World of Tanks Mastery Badges and to tell you that I am an Ace tanker. This means that I am among the best tankers who use artillery for the type of tank I use. This means that I am in the top 1% of all tankers who use the tank and gain higher average experience from match to match than the other 99% of tankers who use the same one I do.

Mastery Badge
What the mastery badge is:
Awarded for mastery in controlling an armored vehicle. To qualify, a player must earn more average experience in a battle, than 99% of other players who drive this type of vehicles.

Mastery Badge Ranks

Ace Tanker 99%
Class I 95%
Class II 80%
Class III 50%

I have several tanks that are at class III and class II, but we are here to look at the top class at 99% the Ace Tanker.

Perfect Tracing Fire Example

Here I am trying to show you the art of tracing fire to locate a tank without seeing them yourself. The World of Tanks artillery have a better chance at this than any other tank, mainly because when you scope in to fire, you have a blimp view of everything in the area you are viewing. This makes it extremely easy to spot and trace back fire from a recently fired shell. This video is not the greatest example because I miss time and time again, but it does give you an idea and also explains a little about the game and life of an artillery player.

Hiding Spots

First thing you want to do as an artillery player is to find a good hiding spot that gives you a decent view of the area to best support your teammates. This can be achieved by finding a large bush that covers your tank and makes it easy to pivot left and right to assist your teammates.

Once a good hiding spot as been located you have 2 choices you can start to look into. One is going to be to immediately assist your teammates when they spot and enemy and try and take out the spotted enemy tanks right away. The second choice is to sit quietly and look around the map while scoped in to try and find tracer fire from artillery and other tanks. It helps to know the good hiding spots that artillery on the opposing team might use and watch them for tracer fire.

Tracer Fire

Tracer Fire is the trail of smoke left from the recently fired shell from a tank. This gives away the position of that tank even though they are hidden from view. Spotting tracer fire as an artillery means almost certain death for the opposition, but this also works for the enemy as well, so its difficult to decide when to fire and when to move for fear of being spotted by tracer fire yourself. The chance that you will get spotted depends on if you choose a well known hiding spot that the enemy will check first or even second, so the art of hiding your artillery is key to winning the match or just living long enough to do the damage you came into the match to do.

The art of killing a tank without seeing them can be difficult because you have a few obstacles you have to take into concideration. A good player will never stay in the same spot making them a hard target to hit, also making tracer fire more difficult. Even if you trace their fire you may not be able to hit them without a visual because they keep on the move, but it will give you an idea of where they are, which in turn gives your teammates a headsup with your information.

Campers vs. Movers

Tankers who stay in the same place and camp are usually easy targets, but this can be difficult if your gun decides not to be very accurate in the match. I’ve noticed that in some rounds you go into, your gun can be either really accurate, or extremely inaccurate making it difficult to hit the traced target. This comes into play if your not on flat ground when you fire, or if you do not wait long enough to allow your reticle to get to optimal position to allow the best accuracy, so try not to fire early or on the move. The accuracy of you and your gun will determine the match most of the time so hopefully you will be on your game for the battle and campers will never know what hit them.

The moving target is the most difficult shot to make, because you have to take into account the distance and time it takes for your shot to get to its destination once it has been fired. The longest I’ve waited for a shot I’ve fired is up to counts of 4-5 seconds and this is at the edge of your shooting ability. Longer than this is not possible because of the limitations of the size of the maps, as well as the limitations of your guns range. Moving shots take your accuracy and your skill into account and you need to be on to get the shot right. Targets moving in a straight line are easier than those that zig zag of course, and those that zig zag are smart players. “Players that travel in a straight line are just asking for trouble and deserve to be hit by my artillery shell!”

All in All it takes a bit of skill to be an artillery tanker, because your skills can be what makes or breaks a match and you need to be on top of your game for assistance, as well as tracing fire if you expect to have a high win ratio. Remember to pre-target your areas so as to get the best and quickest results when your allies come into view, to show you the enemy sitting there waiting for an artillery shell to hit them in the face. The WoT game is something of a spectacle that I thoroughly enjoy and am looking forward to the multiple games that are coming out in due time. This includes world of Battleships and world of airplanes, I could be wrong on the titles of these games but I am definitely looking forward to them in the future.

“This has been my experience in The World of Tanks as a free game to play and I hope that This can assist you in your ventures as a gamer.”

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